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We are the Megens, a fun-loving and adventurous family of four from Best, The Netherlands: Klaudyna & Maarten, Mila (10) & Alexander (8) and Nala, our three year old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog-child. Nala is our second Rhodesian Ridgeback and definitely not our last one! We fell in love with this wonderful, intelligent breed and we aspire to breed with her according to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Nederland (RRCN) and the Raad van Beheer standards and thereby continue to extend healthy and happy family lines. We are also members of the RRCN. Our first priority is to ensure that Nala’s puppies find their fur-ever homes. A forever home is one where they will receive the love, care and time-commitment that every dog deserves. Due to the unique characteristics of Ridgebacks, we approach the selection of new homes for the puppies with careful consideration. We firmly believe that owning a dog is not just a privilege, but also a responsibility that requires time and dedication. Dedicating enough time to your dog is essential, especially because young Ridgebacks are energetic and dislike being left alone for prolonged periods. Furthermore, owning a dog incurs ongoing expenses way beyond the initial cost of purchasing a beloved puppy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our family, Nala’s family lines or our selection process. We would be delighted to speak with you.



In memoriam

Thandiwe Ghalyela Imbaleki 

24 October 2011 – 02 January 2023

Thandiwe Ghalyela Imbaleki or Ashanti as we called her, was our first Rhodesian Ridgeback. Ashanti gave us 11 unforgettable years but sadly passed away at the beginning of 2023 from cancer. She came from the Dutch breeder; Francisca van Gaalen of the kennel Thandiwe.

We decided not to breed with Ashanti due to her irregular heats that were followed by phantom pregnancies. Ashanti was eventually sterilised.

Ashanti was our first (dog) child. It was amazing to watch her incredible gentleness towards our children. Although Ashanti was a very active dog, she would refuse to leave the house when one of our children fell ill. She would stay by their side, under the blanket, to take care of them.

Ashanti loved the sun. As soon as morning sun faded from the front window, she would search for a new spot next to the garden window. She would race to take up her seat next to mine on the couch, putting her head on my shoulder. After Ashanti turned nine we decided to add to our joy and get our second Ridgeback. We were astonished at how much joy Nala brought to our Ashanti, giving her a second breath and renewed her older spirit.

Ashanti means "the one who is victorious" or "the one who is at peace", she exuded this every day! We miss you every day our dearest girl! “You were the perfect family dog, a real friend”.



Djembe Meteors (FCI) Makiwara Mystic Moon Mokala 

Born on 18 April 2021 in Suchy Las, Poland.

Djembe Meteors Makiwara Mystic Moon Mokala known as Nala, was imported to The Nederlands from Poland. Nala completed her first puppy course at Dierenkliniek Den Heuvel in Best. She started ring training at nine months of age and she continues to perform very well in the ring. We work with excellent trainers on an ongoing basis who have taught us a lot.

Nala thrives on socialization with other dogs. Her morning routine is not complete if we do not take her for a walk with a group of other dogs to socialise. During this time the dogs run freely off the leash and play with one another, she meets other humans and dogs who are being walked on leash. These activities are paramount to her development and contribute to her gentle, yet playful nature. Nala also loves going into the water and swimming.

Due to her inquisitive nature, Nala joins our children at their sporting events whenever possible. She loves the adventure and attention.

Nala’s parents belong to the highly revered kennels in Poland; Djembe Meteors FCI Kennel – Nyawela Chillichani Jengo x Djembe Meteors Pretoria Rain.

For more information about her father you can follow this link :

Our dogs eat a varied palate of foods consisting of kibble and BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). Nala and her pups come from a child friendly home, where love and joy is evident in all situations.



HD:  A

ED : 0


D - Locus : N/N

B-locus: B/b - livernose carrier

DM ( exon2): N/N

Haemophilia:  clear

Ventricular arrhythmia: N/ IVA

Ridge predisposition: R/r





Exciting plans for the end of 2024!

We are proud to announce our puppy plans the wintertime 2024!

Fingers crossed for this wonderful couple and their offspring!

Djembe Meteors (FCI) Makiwara Mystic Moon Mokala & Njia Jamaa Grand Lewis  

Thandi Uthingo | Rhodesian Ridgebacks


Djembe Meteors Makiwara Mystic Moon Mokala

(Djembe Meteors Pretoria Rain x Nyawela Chillichani Jengo)

HD A, ED Free,


D-Locus: N/N

B-Locus: B/b livernose carrier


Hemophilia A : N/N

Ridge: R/r

Ventricular arrhythmia: N/ IVA



Njia Jamaa Grand Lewis

(Njia Jamaa Exclusive Red Owl "EULE" x Saimon's Praide Voice Of The Legend Forever)


HD A, ED Free, OCD Free


D-Locus: D/D

B- Locus : B/b livernose carrier


Haemophilia: B neg

Early Onset Adult Deafness (EAOD): N/N

Ventricular arrhythmia- PCR: N/N 

Ridge: R/R

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